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Where does all the money raised by the CSPA go?

Good question!

All the money raised from CSPA events and from sales at the Secondhand Uniform Shop goes directly back to the School, so benefitting all students.

The CSPA fund a number of regular commitments at the School:

  • Student Counselling

  • Short Story Prize

  • Cranbrook 'Bake Off'

  • English Speaking Board

  • The Day - an online daily newspaper for young people

In addition, members of staff are able to 'bid' for CSPA funds for their department or club prior to every CSPA meeting.

Since September 2023, the CSPA has given money for the following:

  • Robotics Club - equipment for junior & senior robotics competitions

  • Dissection Club - materials for dissection

  • Gardening Club - gardening items

  • Art Department - to upgrade the existing gallery space and display area in the conservatory creating a permanent designated display area to showcase pupils' work

  • Art Department - DSLR cameras for students' use

  • Rootes Building foyer & corridor - display boards

  • Library - restocking with up to date learning resources for all departments following refurbishment

The student leaders of the Gardening Club said:

"Gardening Club is grateful for the donations sent to us. They will help us 'grow' our green fingers experience and broaden our ability to work around the school, bringing life and colour to different areas of the school.

We did a cake sale to make some profits and the continued generous donations from parents and the CSPA on top of that mean that we always have enough seed! In the final meeting of the Spring term we did a gardening themed egg hunt and tidied the garden up ready for the first meeting after Easter

Thank you again to the CSPA and the parental body for your continued support."

Following the recent donation from the CSPA of £2,500 to the Library, Mrs Christine Newman (Librarian and Head of Careers) said:

"The generous grant from the CSPA has enabled the Library to research, with the help of Heads of Department, new and relevant books for different subject areas and buy in new stock for the first time in many years for our new Library.

We now have up to date books to support the curriculum in Geography, Classics, the sciences and of course new fiction for all ages.

This injection of new books to the Library is very much appreciated by students and staff and a selection of the books currently on offer can be seen in the photos.

Parents have also generously continued to support us too with individual donations of books on wildlife and conservation, technology and more fiction. We are very grateful indeed for this support."



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