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Previous CSPA Guest Speakers

The CSPA are delighted to have previously funded a series of guest speakers.

Autumn Term 2020
'The Perils of Gambling Addiction'
Professional Cricketers' Trust


The heartfelt agony of reformed gambling addict Patrick Foster was laid bare in a gripping talk to Sixth Formers last month that reduced some students to tears. In a devastatingly frank account, the former professional cricketer and teacher detailed how a pathological addiction to gambling and online gaming ripped his life apart, driving him to the brink of suicide.
Having since turned his life around, Patrick described his path to recovery and warned students against the dangers of being sucked into the same destructive spiral.

His powerful testimony was one of the most captivating school talks the CSPA has organised and our thanks go to committee member Georgina Roberts for making it happen.

January - June 2020
'Neuro-Ninja Toolkit Seminars'
Action Your Potential


'In the last 10 years we’ve learnt more about the brain than we have in the last 10,000. This knowledge is new to parents and teachers alike. The science is absolutely fascinating. And it transforms what we do. As a result you’ll never look at yourself or your children the same way again.'

Andrew Wright, Action Your Potential


An innovative course for parents and students. Learn about well-being as a skill, about anxiety and responding to it, and how to learn more but study less using the brain’s natural processes.

Session 1: Wellbeing is a skill
Session 2: Being anxiety aware Pt1
Session 3: Being anxiety aware Pt2
Session 4: Through anxiety & beyond
Session 5: Be a study neuro-ninja: learning at home
Session 6: Brain science of 'meh' and 'ahh'
Session 7: Our flexible self and the power of influence
Session 8: Habits of the neuro-ninja

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