Are you feeling lucky?

Then take the plunge! Sign up to the CSPA Lotto and you could scoop the jackpot!

It’s a win win situation, because as more parents join, so the prize money grows and more funds are raised for the CSPA and the School in the process.  


Tickets are £5 each and participants can sign up for one or multiple subscriptions as, of course, this increases your odds of winning.

You are given a permanent Lotto number/s which are then entered into a regular draw – and then it’s just a matter of keeping everything crossed!

But even if you don’t win the ultimate jackpot, there are runner-up prizes too. For a list of recent winners, click here.

You could scoop as much as £40 and average winnings are generally around £30 – so what are you waiting for? 

Click here for a printable LOTTO membership form and take or post it to Barham House reception for the attention of CSPA Lotto.