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Raising vitally-needed funds to help support Cranbrook School and its pupils is one of the main reasons for the CSPA’s existence – our raison d’etre if you like.

And it is thanks to the support and dedication of parents that each year our fund-raising activities net thousands of pounds, led by events such as our Summer Balls, which have raised as much as £20,000, our annual Burns Night, which regularly notches up a profit of almost £3,000 and our Quiz Nights which regularly raise hundreds of pounds.

But it’s not all about the big social events – sales of School merchandise, second hand uniforms and even the regular Lotto draw all add to the mix of money-raising initiatives that have enabled the CSPA to donate a long list of equipment and services to the School.

These range from funding of school competition prizes to upgrading the lighting and sound system in the Queen's Hall Theatre.

Keeping the money rolling in is no mean feat – especially in these straitened times – and at the CSPA we are always on the search for inventive and enjoyable ways to encourage parents to dip into their pockets.

After all, it is for the ultimate good cause – the education of our children. And what could be more worthwhile than that?

Seven easy ways for you to help today:

1. make a real impact with Cranbrook Together. Every regular donation, no matter the size, is crucial. It helps the School plan and allocate resources more effectively. You simply cannot imagine the difference a £25/month contribution can make: with Gift Aid, it adds up to over £1,000 in just three years. Please join us in increasing this number and directly investing in our children's future.

Sign up now at:
Cranbrook Together

2. Sign up to Cranbrook Rewards - the new membership card from the CSPA, designed to raise much needed funds to benefit all students at Cranbrook and to encourage members of the Cranbrook School community to support the independent businesses in the local area. For £75/year, members unlock a huge range of discounts with local shops and retailers as well as discounts on every CSPA event.

Sign up now at:
Cranbrook Rewards

3. Support the CSPA – buy tickets for their events, give your time, donate raffle prizes and purchase School-branded merchandise. Every penny raised by the CSPA is ploughed back into the School.

For further information about upcoming events and merchandise, go to:
Cranbrook School Parents

4. Sign up for the CSPA Lottery – buy tickets for the weekly lottery draw. For every £1 spent, 40p goes directly the School.

Buy your tickets at:
CSPA Lottery

5. Join The Giving Machine - when buying online, generate a free cash donation to the CSPA with every purchase, at no cost to yourself. Download the free desktop reminder and mobile app.

Sign up here:
The Giving Machine

6. Donate to Giving Day 2024 - the first annual Giving Day will be held on Friday 22nd March 2024. This event will be an opportunity for the Cranbrook School community to give back and provide support to our local community as well as fundraising to improve social spaces for our own students. In a dedicated effort, we are hoping to raise £40,000 to create vibrant social hub
s throughout the School grounds for student interaction, collaboration and personal growth.

The event will feature, amongst other things, a whole-school challenge – “from Cranbrook to Hong Kong”. 

To donate to Giving Day, please visit:
Giving Day

7. Give your time or expertise - it’s not just money that the School needs but people’s expertise and time to help enrich the School experience alongside delivering the curriculum.

If you can help, please contact
Cameron Jones (Head of Marketing & External Relations) in the Development Team at:


Thank you!

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