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Where funds go

If raising money is one of the most rewarding roles of the CSPA, then deciding where to spend it is definitely among the most satisfying.
We take our lead from School staff who suggest where funds can be best spent and we support a huge variety of projects. These range from workshops, competitions and prizes to classroom materials or equipment, guest speakers and visiting artists. Some of the more substantial initiatives we have supported include sound systems and gym refits.

Our aim is to help all departments go that extra mile by providing extras they would be unable to fund from their own budgets.  

The lists below illustrate the scale of the CSPA’s funding achievements over the last few years.


Biology microscopes
Queen's Hall Theatre sound system
Student counselling
New gym
Debating Society workshop
Weight training equipment
Arts Week: artists and authors
3D printer for DT
Astro pitch shelters
Music keyboard and software


Short Story Competition prizes
Bread maker for Food Tech Department
Geography giant map
History prizes
Observatory eyepiece and servicing
Training Mr Ferguson for mindfulness
School play backcloths
French and Spanish plays
Crowden sound system
Blubery benches
Student magazine
Physics power supplies
Elizabethan Consort concert

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