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Association for Boarders at Cranbrook

The Association for Boarders at Cranbrook (ABC) was created for parents, guardians and carers of boarding students at Cranbrook School.  Its main purpose is to provide a support network but also to allow better communication between boarders’ parents, guardians and carers and the School.

The ABC works closely with the CSPA in its aim to help improve the education, welfare and experience of all pupils attending the School.

The ABC represents a cross-section of parents in Yrs 9-13 and across all boarding Houses. The ABC Committee meet with the Headmaster and the Director of Boarding twice termly.

There is also a general 'CS Boarding' WhatsApp group for all boarding parents, guardians and carers, to give them more immediate contact with each other and to discuss everyday issues.  

The ABC allows everyone, whether in the UK or abroad, to feel more connected to the Cranbrook School community and to engage in activities which support the boarding services provided by the School. 

Please contact Vice-President Georgina Stephenson here if you would like to join the WhatsApp group or to become a member of the ABC Committee.

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