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What is the CSPA at Cranbrook School?
The Cranbrook School Parents’ Association (CSPA) is a charitable body that raises money to make grants to departments within the School to help improve the students’ education and welfare. It is made up of a voluntary group of parents and comprises an executive committee, a wider committee and a number of sub-committees. CSPA meetings are attended by David Clark, Headteacher, a parent governor and a member of the teaching staff.

What is Cranbook Rewards?
Cranbrook Rewards is a community loyalty scheme set up by the CSPA to bring Cranbrook School and the Cranbrook business community together, with benefits for both parties. The School raises money from a membership subscription from parents, who receive discounts on School fundraising events and from local businesses. Local businesses get increased custom from the Cranbrook School community.

Why should you (businesses) get involved?
• more local customers to your business (up to 1,000 memberships)
• encourages loyalty and repeat business
• brings the School and local business community together
• increased marketing for local businesses via the School’s website and social media channels


What’s the subscription fee for parents?

An annual subscription fee of £75

What to do next?
• have a think about what discount you could offer ie. 10% off, buy one get one free etc
• complete this form, scan it and send it to us with your company logo (jpg file) and some marketing blurb (for our website) at:

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