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About the CSPA

The more help we can muster from you – our army of parents – the more we can achieve!

Welcome to the website of the Cranbrook School Parents' Association (CSPA).


As parents of Cranbrook School pupils, we realise that every single one of us can make a vital contribution to the daily life and long-term future of our very special School.


Becoming part of this community takes concerted effort and commitment by parents and students – something we, at the CSPA, are keen to tap into because there has never been a more important time for parents to support Cranbrook School.


More than ever, the challenging environment means we need to pull together if we want to preserve the very essence of what attracted us to the School in the first place.

Parent power is a formidable tool and the CSPA sees itself as a key conduit by providing communication between parents and staff and organising fundraising activities. As we are a registered charity, we have carte blanche to raise as much money as we can from our own events or apply for grants to benefit our School.

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