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The iGeneration – CSPA TALK

Dear Parents

Do you find time spent on your iPhone or iPad is addictive and notice your kids also have trouble putting these tools down?

Are you stressed about how much time your teen spends in front of a screen or just baffled by the way their mind works?

Then why not come along to an engaging talk about the iGeneration and find out how you and they can build resilience to stress.

22 November 2017 7.00pm to 8.30pm Queen’s Hall Theatre tickets £5

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Acclaimed author and international speaker Nicola Morgan says teenagers often feel they have no control over their lives and don’t understand the changes at large. Can we teach them to be active agents of their own wellbeing? She says, ‘yes we can’.

Ms Morgan, whose books include Blame My Brain, Mondays Are Red and Exam Attack, will speak about the biology of stress, cortisol build-up, brain bandwidth, multi-tasking, specific teenage stressors, how to control stress, the importance of relaxation, sleep, growth mindset, helicopter versus safety net parenting and its effect on resilience.

Online ticket sales for this event are closed.



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