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Raise a toast to Cranbrook School Apple Juice . . . it’s on sale!

Cranbrook School can now boast its very own apple juice (on sale here!) thanks to an enterprising group of mums  who came up with the idea of picking the best of this year’s crop and turning it into a delicious fresh fruity drink.

Showing off the fruits of their labours are, from left: Merrill Godden, Emma Jordan, Emma Dear, Emma Wooff, Hazel Matthews and George Roberts.

Hannah Miles Watson opened up her Benenden orchard to a bunch of Cranbrook School mums, led by Emma Dear, who spent a sunny autumnal day climbing into trees and gathering apples by the crate-load.


Pomme pals: Hannah Miles Watson (left) and Emma Dear inspect the harvest.


Branching out . . . one happy picker reaches for the cream of the crop.

It was thirsty work, but they were sustained by cold drinks and pots of tea kindly provided by Hannah.


Crated up and ready to get juiced.

After several bags, boxes and crates were filled, the apples were taken to Ringden Farm where they were juiced, making an impressive 500 bottles of Cranbrook School apple juice. These were decorated with a beautifully-designed label, created by Y12 pupil Isobel Jacques.


And here’s the finished product – very stylishly presented.

Cranbrook School’s home-grown, lovingly picked and home-made apple juice made its debut at the town’s Apple Fair – where it proved to be huge hit with customers.


The sweet taste of success . . . Cranbrook School Apple Juice is an Apple Fair hit.

But don’t worry if you missed it – we still have 300 bottles of this delicious apple juice that we are now selling on the CSPA website. It tastes delicious and has a shelf life of three years, so it’s ideal to drink now or save for later.


Don’t miss out . . . these bottles are ready to go!

A big fruity thank-you to our prize pickers: Emma Dear, Hannah Miles Watson, Emma Wooff, Suzanne Moore, Merrill Godden, Georgina Roberts, Hazel Matthews, Helen Gorman and Emma Jordan, whose efforts were truly golden delicious!



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