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The CSPA’s first-ever Race Night romped home in triumphant style thanks to an exuberant bunch of parents who helped to raise more than £700 for Cranbrook School during an evening of high stakes and high drama.

Parents turned pundits as they queued up to place £1 bets on their favourite front-runners during a clutch of exciting sprints which saw some nail-biting finishes.

The action took place in the school dining hall where the races were played on a large screen to the excited shouts of the supporting crowd. 

The going was certainly good, with enthusiasts gambling on novel names given to each of the galloping gee-gees; from famous films to pop divas (Beyoncneigh owned by D. Childs being a notable favourite!).

The evening started at a steady pace, with a refuelling stop for eager punters who queued for sausages, chicken and salad before coming under starter’s orders once again as runners and riders lined up for another set of sprints.

The lucky patrons pocketed winnings aplenty, but the biggest winner of the evening was the CSPA and its coffers thanks to everyone’s enthusiasm and generosity. No photo-finish needed – this was a clear winner!



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