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Neuro-Ninja final seminars

On Tuesday 9 June at 7pm we have the first in the final two webinars in the Cranbrook School Parent Association innovative series all about how to get the best out of your amazing brain.

Worried you’ve missed them? Uncertain what exactly a Neuro-Ninja is? Want to find out how your brain works and how to more enjoyment, engagement, learning, progress, motivation and memory out of the 86 billion neurones at the top of your neck? Then click on the link to sign up. Action Your Potential takes your privacy seriously so we’ll only contact you to give you access to this webinar. You can also access all of the webinars we’ve done as recordings via Action Your Potential’s website, see below for details and the Cranbrook School dedicated password.

Instruction on accessing the recordings

1. Go to our website This is our new website which we’re preparing for September.

2. Click on help on the tool-bar of the website for how to become a member and then see Cranbrook’s videos.

You will need to become a member to see the webinars, (its free). This is your school password nncs20 You will need this.

Have good weekends.

Best wishes

Andrew Wright

Action Your Potential.



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