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For just £5 a month, join a growing number of Cranbrook parents helping to raise income for the school via the CSPA, whilst also being in with a chance of winning in every PRIZE DRAW! Each month, 25% of the income raised is given as prizes and the remaining 75% goes directly to funding projects that benefit our children at Cranbrook School.

This link will take you directly to the printable form. Please print, fill and return to the CSPA Lotto, Cranbrook School, Waterloo Road, TN17 3JD

  1. Sep 17: 1st prize – Moncrieff; 2nd prize – Baker; 3rd prize – Matthews

  2. Aug 17: 1st prize – Humphrey; 2nd prize – Warburton-Smith; 3rd prize – King

  3. Jul 17: 1st prize – Eastell; 2nd prize – Read-Cutting; 3rd prize – Bayly/Duvoisin

  4. Jun 17: 1st prize – Lerpiniere; 2nd prize – Lerpiniere; 3rd prize – Miller

  5. May 17: 1st prize – Freeman; 2nd prize – Eastell; 3rd prize – King

  6. Apr 17: 1st prize – Philpot; 2nd prize – King; 3rd prize – Sumner



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