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CSPA LOTTO: LATEST WINNERS! Nov 17: 1st prize – Simpson; 2nd prize – Blick; 3rd prize – Eastell Dec 17: 1st prize – Malabre & Hallett; 2nd prize – Kitchin; 3rd prize – Lerpiniere Jan 18: 1st prize – Moncrieff; 2nd prize – Pashley; 3rd prize – King For just £5 a month, join a growing number of Cranbrook parents helping to raise income for the school via the CSPA LOTTO, whilst also being in with a chance of winning in every PRIZE DRAW! Each month, 25% of the income raised is given as prizes and the remaining 75% goes directly to funding projects that benefit our children at Cranbrook School. To sign up to the CSPA Lotto click here



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