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CSPA Artisan Tasting Evening - spotlight on the fabulous local suppliers - Weald Smokery

Continuing with showcasing our fabulous local suppliers attending the CSPA's Artisan Tasting Evening on Friday 19th November.

Today we feature the Weald Smokery

The mission at the Weald Smokery has remained true from the very first day – to produce delicious smoked products with passion, pride and care.

With dedication to their craft and maintaining traditional methods, the Weald Smokery has become known as one of the best artisan food producers operating in the UK today, helping them to achieve their most recent award of Best Artisan Producer by Gourmet Britain.

Putting quality above quantity, the Weald Smokery understands that the true pleasure in food lies in savouring something properly crafted and full of flavour.

They have deliberately stayed small to maintain their high standards and remain close to their suppliers. They know where every single fish, cut of meat and round of cheese comes from and are naturally very selective. It also means that they know their customers – many of them by name – and can deliver the choice, quality, taste and service they demand and deserve.

The Weald Smokery has continued to produce smoked products using traditional techniques, which ensures the products retain their truly authentic taste and texture.



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