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CSPA Artisan Tasting Evening - spotlight on the fabulous local suppliers - Nightingale Cider Company

Continuing with showcasing our fabulous local suppliers attending the CSPA's Artisan Tasting Evening on Friday 19th November.

We are delighted to present the Nightingale Cider Company

Nightingale Cider is the product of a lifelong love affair with all things liquid apple.

Sam and Tim Nightingale live to create awesome craft ciders made from fruit grown by their dad and hand-picked, in its prime, from their own orchards.

Their grandparents started the family fruit farming business in 1948. Their father, Peter, bought Gibbet Oak Farm in Tenterden in 1984. Today they’re proud to help run the family business.

The Nightingale Cider Co. started as a hobby, under the name Gibbet Oak Cider, selling to local events. 2013 was a big year, when the company released their first bottled ciders. People loved them, and wanted more, so in 2015 Sam swapped his job in sound recording for muddy boots and overalls, and returned to the farm to re-join Tim, and concentrate on doing what he loved.

Every drop of Nightingale Cider is the real thing. Proper fine Kentish cider, the golden bounty of the Garden of England.



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