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CSPA And The Town

CSPA chair Henrietta King and our newsletter editor-in-chief Sara Macefield are brainstorming the next CSPA communique.

CSPA’s chair Henrietta King and editor-in-chief Sara Macefield brainstorming the next CSPA communique.

Adding to the great things about Cranbrook school, there is the wonderful and quirky ancient town of Cranbrook with its small businesses, shops and eateries tightly intertwined with the school itself. CSPA members often utilise the cozy corners of Cranbrook for the committee gatherings and smaller informal meetings to collaborate on the current goings on in comfort.

The photo above is taken by me, Marina Kim (the website person) during the meeting with the chair Henrietta King (left) and the newsletter and website editor Sara Macefield (right) at a lovely Patisserie Café Cocolicious, run by the proprietress Loulou Hamilton.



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