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The Giving Machine Paid Us £2,451.50 in 2016!

A report of a successful year of fundraising through The Giving Machine comes from Neil Tomalin, executive team member of the CSPA:

“The Giving Machine released figures of the top 5 causes they have paid out to in 2016 and the CSPA came in at third place in number of donations – receiving a total of £2,451.50.

I have done a tweet of thanks to the school twitter feed and am circulating because to achieve this nationally is pretty good.

I bought my AA subscription through The Giving Machine today and even though it is easy to forget, this money is simply sales commission that TGM discount back.

Now we are at the time of booking holidays, it really is worth double checking to see if your holiday company is one of the partners of this scheme. Most of the major companies are, but it can also apply to most other things that are travel related, including the thing I often overlook  – hotel rooms.

Neil Tomalin”

Many Thanks to all the parents who helped raise nearly 2.5K in 2016 by simply shopping online through The Giving Machine!



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