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Peer Pressure

Talking with your Teenagers about Drugs and Alcohol with Rosie Johnston

Rosie Johnston, PG Dip/Addiction Psychology and Counselling

Rosie Johnston, a qualified drugs & alcohol counsellor, will give a candid talk about her own devastating experiences during her youth, and the profound effect this has continued to have on her life.

Johnston’s lively talk will offer practical advice on a range of issues:

  1.   Keeping lines of communication open through the teenage years.

  2.   Peer pressure and bullying in the digital age.

  3.   How to spot the symptoms of alcohol and drug abuse.

  4.   How to cope if they won’t or can’t communicate.

  5.   Self-harm and how to recognize the signs.

  6.   The developing teenage brain.

  7.   Where to go for advice and support.

Teenagers welcome!

Tickets £5 available from Pages Newsagents and uberSPORTS, High Street, Cranbrook or OR BUY ONLINE NOW

Online ticket sales for this event are closed.

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