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CSPA Artisan Tasting Evening - spotlight on the fabulous local suppliers - Lilo Hard Seltzer

Continuing with showcasing our fabulous local suppliers attending the CSPA's Artisan Tasting Evening on Friday 19th November.

Today we feature Lilo Hard Seltzer

Lilo is an independent start-up from a group of old friends in the drinks industry. After years spent advising some of the biggest drinks brands in the world, they have come together to launch their own brands - starting with Lilo, an award-winning, naturally flavoured alcoholic sparkling water…aka Hard Seltzer.

Lilo uses only natural ingredients, with purest sparkling Scottish water and uniquely distilled botanical spirits.

Lilo are THE ONLY hard seltzer to be stocked in Harrods - chosen because of their premium taste, beautiful can design & brand credentials.

Each can of Lilo is only 50 calories (that's the same as half an apple!), lighter and lower than most others out there.

Lilo drinks are gluten free, vegan and ALL natural ingredients.

Come and try some of Lilo's Hard Seltzer at the Artisan Tasting evening, purchase some to drink on the night and place your order for pre-Christmas delivery.



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