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CSPA Lotto Winners April - August 2021

Congratulations to our winners and many thanks for your support of the Cranbrook School Lotto!

April 2021

1st - Thomson BG

2nd - Malabre & Hallett

3rd - Humphrey S

May 2021

1st - Henrietta King

2nd - Simpson JWA & PJ

3rd - Rob Miller

June 2021

1st - Sally Bayly

2nd - Simpson JWA & PJ

3rd - Rob Miller

July 2021

1st - Pashley PR

2nd - Rob Miller

3rd - Kitchen SF & T

August 2021 (last and final lotto on old scheme)

1st Simpson JWA & PJ

2nd Mercer S

3rd Henrietta King

From September we are moving to the new School Lottery - please can all those paying into the old scheme now cancel their direct debit. Thank you.

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