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Christmas Yummies – Last Chance – Fundraise And Enjoy!

Dear Friends,

There’s still a chance to buy some delicious additions to your Christmas table! Buying online makes it even better, with delivery to your door by our friendly team or to pick up from Barham house.

Here is what we’ve got:

The Very Special CSPA Apple Juice!

Buy 8+ bottles to qualify for free delivery within a 5 mile radius of the school by our team of dedicated volunteers. For smaller orders and for parents of boarders, please collect from Barham House. We will contact you after the purchase to discuss your delivery/pick up preferences.

1 Bottle – £3.00


4 Bottles – £10.00 (The fourth bottle is just outside the picture frame!)


SOLD OUT These slow roasted delicious and organically produced hams are made from free range leg of pork and are glazed with marmalade, Dijon mustard and a whisper of Scotch Whisky. Very kindly donated to the CSPA this festive season by John Doig, parent of Elsa in Year 11.





Thank you for your brilliant fundraising help! CSPA



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